Monday, December 1, 2014

Artist as Investigator

Here are some of Kitty's takeaways from our meeting on Nov. 20th. 

Thanks for a thoughtful evening. My take away is the way in which I can structure student inquiry and Olivia gave us the idea of terming ours as "artist as investigator." We also looked at the idea of uncertainty which fits nicely with my choices based classroom. 

I also learned that the term identity is too big and stagnate. Identity is changing all the time. Basically, it's not so straight forward. I found partners to share with.

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  1. Thanks, Kitty. I thought your questioning of how some of the theme generating activities worked within your choice-based classroom was very interesting. I wish I could have heard more of your small group conversation with Olivia. I think one key takeaway I heard both of you saying is that collaboration (between students, between teachers, between students and teachers) is key to any well thought out curriculum development. I imagine that "identity" in some form or another is a theme many teachers have considered. How could a teacher break down or rethink "identity" if we now consider it to not be so straight forward?