Thursday, January 18, 2018

The search for a space - real and imagined

A storefront in Uptown, under construction.
All space is political.
Eminent domain at Northeastern Illinois University creates divisions in the community. 

Occupy Wall Street.

Storefront on Bryn Mawr acquired through eminent domain.

Could there be another way to be with space?

Uptown neighborhood in Chicago.
Gentrification stresses a fragile neighborhood.

Artist Mary Mattingly's Flock House, NYC. 

Water damage in our new space - burst pipe.

One of our collective members studio/home.
We toured the space and got excited about 

what our studio might look like.

Collective member Donna in the wood shop 
at Deni's home/studio.

We were close to renting this space but it was not ADA compliant.

Artist Andrea Zittel's Encampment.

Artist Holly White's Orange World.

Photos of our storefront at 3412 W. Bryn Mawr

The large room at the storefront.

Another photo of the large room at the front of the space. 

Kate's shadow outside of the 3412 W. Bryn Mawr.

The kitchen at the back of the space.

One of the small offices within the space.

The back window looking out to the alley. 

One of two bathrooms!

Bookshelf for our library.

View from the back of the building 
looking to the front of the space.