Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Inside meets outside, outside comes in

We have been offering various invitations for the public to engage with us or delight in spontaneous play. 

Taking a clay sculpture

Touching the googly eyes on the post-its

The porousness of the outside world is always 
there whether its through activities in the back alley, or bodies pressed against the window, or visits from 
University folks to the space.

Mike from the university inspects our leak

Monday, June 4, 2018

Composing, de-composing, re-composing a life

On May 12th Megan Pahmier, an artist and teacher from Brooklyn, NY visited us at the storefront. She invited us to think about the space through the following prompts:

• Activate existing phenomena (wind, gravity, light . . .)
• Connect 2 things to one another
• Create a line (a path, a fence, a column . . .)
• Mark a site (a landmark, a memorial, a space for  . . . )
• Change the viewer/participant's perspective
• Play with scale (the size of the things in relation to one another)
• Make something visible that was previously invisible

We spent the day making at the storefront.

Watching a video of Merle Ukele 
talking about her "Maintenance art"

Liz drawing

Bridget talking with Gloria

Agnes Martin drawing

Mountains from the outside