Saturday, February 22, 2014

Public Pedagogy

Fascinating Valerie. There is so much information packed in these sites. I'm just starting to dig into vblog and yet I have so much reading to do. I was listening to Henry Giroux this morning. He is an outspoken public intellectual. In this conversation with Bill Moyers he suggests possibilities for artists and creative folks to counter the consumerist, zombie thinking so prevalent in our society today. I'm struggling with how many people are spinning their own pedagogical programs outside of school. These resources can be viewed inside public school. That's positive but how is that deep, critical questioning has to come in the form of Youtube clips and blogs rather than in our daily conversations and teaching practices within school? There isn't enough time to dig in deeply within the school day. I know you challenge time constraints and curricular limitations in your classroom. I am just really amazed that curriculum is popping up beyond the school so profusely as we are rapidly defunding public education. Are we heading for a Youtube classroom? How do we keep intellectualism alive in public education? What use is critical thinking, the buzz word of the day, if we don't have time to read challenging scholarly texts in school? Are artists taking on the challenge of pedagogy outside the classroom as a way to fill in the gap of what is not allowed to exist in schools?

I have to spend some time reading all the sites you list. These are rich resources. Thank you so much for sharing them!

New Guerrilla Class work

Hi all
The Curie HS Guerrilla Art Classes (4 and 5) have lots of new work (still adding) to see:

Learning To Love You More 
(this project was amazing!  When I finish the Pecha Kucha I'll share with you all)

Appropriated Artwork
Students explored "stealing" from artists. They also did a workshop with the inimitable Polly Mills for creative writing inspired by their Appropriated Artwork. The writing is being posted with the images.

Postcard Art Exchange
GA students exchanged Postcard Art with artists from all around America. Beautiful work from everyone!

Guerrilla Art 5

Guerrilla Art 4

More Art Actions! THE ART ASSIGNMENT: Meeting at a Midpoint

After doing Learning To Love You More (it was awesome and want to keep going with it!)
I'm now interested in this: THE ART ASSIGNMENT

2 artists find the EXACT midpoint between their locations and arrange to travel and meet. Refers to other similar art pieces (like Marina Abramovic)

HERE is a vid article about their first assignment posting

HERE is the ART ASSIGNMENT youtube channel

I think that this can be so interesting to not only try myself, but to discuss with my students.
It speaks to some great ideas of connection and relationships. I am thinking of dear friends or family that I never see (although we may skype or message) due to distance or even just being too busy.
I can totally see this being a project taking years, to re-connect with people at a midpoint. I feel it can be very poignant. I am very  moved by this.

What do you all think?