Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Going's On at Curie w/ the X Kids

Ms. X and her Happenings.

I am going to connect you to two of my other blogs (as I can't always keep track of the posting I do).

1. Guerrillaart4.blogspot.com
This is the student run (mostly) blog for our guerrilla art class. Currently working on a project connected to the "Bowie Is" exhibit at the MCA. We are collaborating with Lee Blalock, a sound/video/performance artist. We have just started our big project. Check it out as it progresses...

2. http://teachersafterhours.blogspot.com/
This blog is more teacher-centered. I post about, reflect upon, new things I am trying in classes. Sometimes, just get into teacher issues or discussions. Also an ongoing series of posts about my trip to Finland with the NAEA delegation. Very exciting!
Speaking of: the trip got written up in another teacher's blog about the Finnish system of education.

Valerie Xanos

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