Tuesday, December 8, 2015

This is a great opportunity to share your curricular ideas

Share your wonderful curriculum at the NAEA Curriculum slam this year in Chicago, hosted by the MCA. I did this last year in New Orleans and really enjoyed pulling my ideas together and presenting to 600 people! It's a great opportunity to put yourself out there and share your ideas. I'm happy to support you if you want to apply and need someone to review your application. Each person who is accepted presents a 7-8 minute pecha kucha. Based on your pecha kuchas that you shared with the whole group last year within our project, I think your contributions would add to this conversation.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

we are being called forth

These people call us forth with our pedagogical storefront. Can you think of others? Just add them. They are calling to us and we will answer soon. What do they have in common? They are change makers and just a bit radical. 

Andy Warhol's foundation supports this project

Angela Davis

Jane Addams

John Dewey

Judy Chicago

Pablo Helguera

Raqs Media Collective - India

Raungrupa - artist collective in Jakarta

WEB Dubois
Paulo Freire

Monday, November 16, 2015

Propellor Fund Award!

We're honored to receive a Propellor Fund grant for our social practice project One Room. Please join us this Wednesday November 18th from 6-8 p.m. at the Jane Addams Hull House for the reception at 800 S. Halsted St.

Thank you Propellor Fund!

The 2015-2016 Propeller Fund Grantees


Propeller Fund proudly announces the fifteen grant recipients for 2015-2016. Selected from a pool of over one-hundred candidates, these small, self-organized, and radical projects are vital to Propeller’s mission of encouraging more varied models, spreading these activities into more diverse areas, and to spark ambitions beyond current formats in Chicago’s visual art world. Propeller Fund offers $50,000 (five grants at $6,000 and ten grants at $2,000) annually to artists producing a wide range of public culture.

2015 Awardees (for a full description of the awardees click on this link)
One Room (Kate Thomas, Devin Pendergast, Kitty Conde, Jessica Rosenbaum, Roxy De Luca, Jeanne Walker)
One Room is a social practice project that invites the public into conversations with CPS artist-teachers to playfully explore the complexity of a teaching practice within our current climate of constraints and monitoring. Artist teachers in conversation with the public will generate creative approaches to systemic problems.
About Propeller Fund
Launched in May 2010, Propeller Fund is administered jointly by Gallery 400 at the University of Illinois at Chicago and threewalls. Propeller Fund provides grants to artists, curators, and groups living and working in Cook County, Illinois, and seeks to support projects that are independent, informal, and self-organized. Propeller Fund receives support from Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts through the Regional Regranting Program.