Monday, December 1, 2014

Conversation and Idea Development

Josh shares some takeaways from our Nov. 20th meeting.

I have a few thematic investigation ideas.  A few are "Home", "Coming Home", "Neighborhoods", and "My Chicago".  

As far as takeaways, I'm starting to think about how the chalk-talk approach to coming up with ideas for themes relates to TAB and how it fits into other artists' approaches to art-making, including my own.  I'm also becoming curious about how the activity relates to motivation in art-making and how a sense of community is activated through conversation and idea development.

When I conducted the chalk-talk approach to theme brainstorming, the students I teach brought violence and gangs into the conversation.  Both topics are serious issues for artists to explore legitimately, but it's not safe in a school setting to explore both issues because it's dangerous due to gang relations among the student body.


  1. This is interesting, Josh. I can easily see how violence and gangs came into the conversation with your students and can understand the difficulty and sensitivity of trying to explore either.

    I wonder what you or your students were thinking around “Coming Home.” I often wonder what it means to say I’m “going home.” I’m originally from Minnesota and when I make a trip back there, I say I am going home. But, once I am there, I refer to my trip back to Chicago as “going home.” I’m not sure if this is a rich thematic investigation or not, but I have been thinking about the concept of “going home” a lot lately. I’m not really sure what it means.

  2. Matt, I too have the same experience when I travel to Fort Wayne for the holidays. I suppose it comes down to how we define home in relation to where we are away from it. When I think of of the word "home" I think both of my personal and private space I live in and where I was raised. Additionally, I don't think I would refer to Fort Wayne as home if my family didn't live there, so the aspect of defining home as a connection to family is an interesting one, as well.