Saturday, January 21, 2012

Subject: Art Sketchbooks

Hi all-

I was contacted by this gentleman regarding sketchbooks for schools. We've previewed them and they look pretty good. We're simply trying to figure out some of the unknowns for next school year. If you are interested feel free to contact Scott Gardner to preview books.



My name is Scott Gardner and I own a company which manufactures what we, and many schools, feel are the finest sketchbooks in the country. I would like to send you a sample of our book so you can see first hand the quality and durability of our product. We currently supply our products to schools (both public and private) from Miami to Oregon and once a school chooses our products we have never not received their continued business. Being we are the manufacturing facility, we create many custom books for art instructors, based upon what their specific needs are.

I would ask you to visit our websites: where you can see samples of our work, and a few pictures of some of the sketchbooks we produce and if this sounds like something which would be beneficial to you, please contact me and allow me to send you a free sketchbook for your examination.

I thank you for your time and hope you have a great day.

Best wishes,

Scott Gardner
Gold Stamping, Etc.

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  1. Oh I just saw this. So sorry. BTW I've been buying them for 3 years and LOVE them. I worked hard last year to help get them CPS vendor status. Great paper, great price, strong wire. Lasts longer than the hardbound books I buy and have to duct tape 1/2 through year.