Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stretch and Explore

I have 3 classes that I am doing Studio Thinking with. Two of them have Tumblr blogs set up because part of the class objectives are for students to take ownership of their artistic process and to blog about it. We have just started. At the moment, I still have a lot of the blogging burden, but as time goes on, they will have more and more responsibility for the posts.

Class 1: Guerrilla Art Class is an advanced studio class that is focused on creating Contemporary art that moves beyond the gallery to the world. All of their art is being sent out into the world with an interactive component, and the blog will document that process.

Class 2: Chop Chop Swagg is a beginner Studio Drawing and Painting class. While some of their work really revolves around learning the basics of Studio art making, they are also working on the blog in hopes that the creative choices they do make can be explained BY THEM, not just my curriculum or assignments.

Class 3: no name yet, still in planning -  they are an IB sophomore class that is pretty similar to Chop Chop Swagg but heavier on academic writing, planning, research, and journal writing.  Make no mistakes, their creativity and studio skill is formidable as you will see when they are up and running.

I realized that I am pulling double (quadruple?) duty by blogging with them on their Tumbler and on this site. So I will instead use this site to connect you to their Tumbler and explain a bit more from the teacher's perspective. Please visit their sites and ENJOY!


  1. Beautiful. I love the Tumblrs you and your students created. The media files are short and leave us wanting more. Can you get your students to talk about their artistic process in Studio Thinking language in these clips?

  2. @ Kate, that is a good point. At the moment they are working on using Studio Thinking language in writing. They have been analyzing their process according to the Studio Habits. By next week I will have written analysis of Studio Process for 5 different projects (yikes!) After I process that I think I will have the students start recording bits about that. Thanks for the idea! Love it. Val

  3. The structure that you use for Chop Chop Swagg, different areas with different media to explore, seems to offer students an environment where they create personal layers of connection to found text they selected because it struck a chord of response within. I am sure that they are seeing that these personal connections, when layered spontaneously, give power to the message they felt in the text. Hearing their language as they describe these experiences will help us understand how to set up studio structures that support personal connection, and build creative power.

  4. The Society Ills Political Posters are powerful and amazing. I can't wait to see the posters displayed in the community and responses on the blog to the displays. I think that will be a great example of EXPRESS – How a work of art communicates an idea or mood and how that idea may be interpreted by other people based on their personal experiences. It's also an interesting way to take a traditional art form - printed posters - bring in 21st Century skills for students and a cyber exhibition.