Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Your impressions of Lois' Visit

We wanted to hear from you about Lois' presentation.
As per Lois' recommendation for Professional Learning Community she says:

"Stay in regular touch, virtually and f2f, with explicit intentions (make your goals public) and with actions linked directly to those intentions (focus) and with regular checks to see what you’re learning and how, by comparing what you’re doing and learning to your intentions!"

Here are some questions to guide your thoughts. Feel free to add other thoughts.
  1. What were your impressions of her presentation?
  2. Did you have an inclination to try anything in your classroom based on the presentation?
  3. What are you still curious about?


  1. Post-presentation and nearing completion of the SHOM book, I am already finding ways to tighten some of the critique/reflective practices that I have been using in my classroom for many years. I have been using a variety of different instruments since the start of September (largely due to summer art room construction aftermath which has left us with missing supplies/materials/equipment/visuals/etc.), both formal and informal, which have given students options and different methods for how to approach critique and self-evaluation as reflective exercises at all levels (Art I, Elective, IB Art). I think that being forced to rethink my approach because of the disarray that I deal with in my classroom space has made me scale back in some areas of production and bring in more discussion and reflection on the work students are producing. Am I using all SHOM? Yes, although some are more prevalent now than in past practice as per my current classroom conditions.

  2. Can you share some of the instruments you're using for critique and reflection with us? I wonder if you have found it beneficial to "scale back" in the production and focus more on the reflection and discussion.

  3. I like the idea of making a chart of the SHOM and putting it up in my classroom. Do I use them? Yes. Are my students aware of them? A few, maybe. So, I'm also thinking about creating entrance/exit tickets that focus on one specific SHOM. These could be used at the end of a large project or at the end of every 5 weeks.

  4. The entrance/exit ticket focusing on a specific SHoM is great. Drawing students attention the SHoM first so they can think about what they are doing before they are asked to reflect on specific habits is key.

  5. I was not crazy about the ‘canned’ activity- I was ready to flee when I heard we had to complete some on-the-fly work of art, collaborating with others with stuff from our pockets. I find it hard to be forced into a group and make art. I am much more circumspect with people and am a slow processer of information. I am a solitary artist, not into collaboration and I percolate an idea for a while before I pick up any art materials. I did wonder if I force my students into groups or work they are not comfortable with for ease of my own goals. I found it difficult to see her ready pigeon-holing of statements into the ‘dispositions,’