Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Studio Spaces

The above images are from Kitty Conde's classroom studio at Ravenswood Elementary.


  1. I love the way you organize your room Kitty. I agree that it is really important and ideal for students to be able to access the supplies they need, as they see fit.
    Although I am not doing TAB, I have organized my room loosely into "studios" as well, and per project so far, students can generally choose any material in the "collage" or "drawing" studio, depending on the project, to express their idea. This has worked so far, with some students choosing oil pastels, and others choosing colored pencils, etc. I also like that they can get up and move around the room in order to access these supplies throughout the class period.

  2. I haven't had the luxury in the past to have the space to create studios. My old space was so tight I couldn't get through the chairs to instruct and would come home with bruises on my hips from hitting the corners of things! I have dreamed of having students access most of supplies and structure the room so students could have more choices! Knowing quite well we were due a new addition, I would have to prove myself to be worthy of a larger space to do so. A retired art teacher told me once that she had her students put all the paintings to dry out in the hallways because she didn't have a drying rack. I too have spread out many sculpture projects that were supported by grants into the hallway. When I was questioned by the principal, I simply said that if I was to continue to bring in grants, visiting artists and create mosaics, I need a bigger space. Lets just say I have the old science lab with a sink! I am excited to see how many of you have organized your "studios" and bring those aspects to my new space. Kitty, I was amazed to see what you accomplished on a "cart" back in the day, I look forward to sharing ideas with you.

  3. I have a spectacularly cooperative engineering staff to work with and I am very excited to see how you use your space and organize your materials. I am art on a cart now (Or, as I like to call it, "Rolling Thunder") but I have a few spaces that I store materials and I want the kids to be able to access them as a resource and this gives me some ideas. I can't wait to talk to the engineer and get some of this set up!