Thursday, January 30, 2014

Valerie Slams San Diego!

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Valerie Xanos, art teacher at Curie HS, for being accepted to participate in the Museum of Contemporary Art's "Curriculum Slam!" at this year's National Art Education Association annual convention to be held in Sand Diego this March.

Olivia Gude is facilitating the "Curriculum Slam!", which highlights how teachers engage their students with the contemporary by embracing the spirit of inquiry and innovation. Valerie will be presenting work from her classroom connected to Fletcher and Harrell's Learning to Love You More project, as well as representing our work within the Studio Thinking and American Art project.

As Valerie continues to work with this project in her classroom, we will gather documentation of the students working on their LTLYM assignments and photographs of their final pieces. This documentation of the students and their work will be the focus of her Pecha Kucha at the NAEA "Curriculum Slam!" The image below is from a LTLYM workshop Valerie co-led at a conference for teachers last fall.

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