Friday, January 24, 2014

what I want you to help me with part 2

HI- me again.
The other aspect of the exhibition I want to make/spearhead is a video/audio piece. 
I would like (Matt will help) to interview a lot of art teachers, both those in this group and those outside of this group.  I want to ask you a few questions that center around the role of the art teacher and what we do on a daily basis and why it is important.  I don't want it to be cheesy or vague, but rather informative and personal.  I will then piece together the voices and answers from this and get some help editing from some art education students... (interns).  The video would be something you can listen to (with headphones?) in the gallery space.  To go with your voice I would maybe film your room and your school/it's location.  I would also LOVE it if you could set up a tri-pod/camera in one spot in your room and let it run/record you for as long as the battery will last throughout the day.  Then we can make time-lapsed, sped up videos of what art teachers do all day long (since no one seems to know...) :)   I am picturing using this footage behind the voices of teachers in the interview.  The voices do not need to match the teacher in the time-lapse.  This would represent our collective role in the lives of our students and our solidarity.  You can choose to have your face shown in the video or just have your voice heard.  It would be edited of course so you can even curse if you need to. ;)
Please let me know by commenting on this post or e-mailing me, if you would be interested in one of the following ways to contribute:
1. ask art teachers (music and drama) included, or really any teacher in your building, and others you know in general, if they would be willing to be interviewed. Get me their name and e-mail address or phone number.
2. volunteer to be interviewed
3. commit to setting up a camera in your room or having a student film you.
4. find someone who will edit footage for free
5. all of the above!

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