Saturday, February 22, 2014

More Art Actions! THE ART ASSIGNMENT: Meeting at a Midpoint

After doing Learning To Love You More (it was awesome and want to keep going with it!)
I'm now interested in this: THE ART ASSIGNMENT

2 artists find the EXACT midpoint between their locations and arrange to travel and meet. Refers to other similar art pieces (like Marina Abramovic)

HERE is a vid article about their first assignment posting

HERE is the ART ASSIGNMENT youtube channel

I think that this can be so interesting to not only try myself, but to discuss with my students.
It speaks to some great ideas of connection and relationships. I am thinking of dear friends or family that I never see (although we may skype or message) due to distance or even just being too busy.
I can totally see this being a project taking years, to re-connect with people at a midpoint. I feel it can be very poignant. I am very  moved by this.

What do you all think?

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