Friday, March 29, 2013

Student to Student Critique

Ms. Drake at Lincoln Park High School invited Kate and Matt to her class to document her students engaging in one-on-one conversations around their collages. The students were given an extended period of time to look closely at one another's collages and to practice participating in an artistic conversation. When they finished looking at one student's work, they switched to looking at the other student's collage. They used the finished pieces, journal sketches and notations, and Studio Thinking reflection sheets to help guide their discussions. I enjoyed listening to these two students as they probed each other regarding their artistic choices. I was impressed with their ability to maintain a meaningful conversation around their art-making and how they really got up close and into the work. Click on the link below to check it out yourself.


  1. Do you have the lesson plan for this? How did the teacher facilitate? Is there a written guide to help us duplicate this kind of critique? Things like order of activity, prompts, guidelines, etc... I want to do a more in depth critique for our final project. I need to break out of our normal way of critiquing and take it deeper.

    1. Hi Valerie,

      Sorry for the delayed response! It's a Pair & Share format that DiDi and I have been using for a few years, therefore the students have had time to get used to it. I start the advanced students (IB and Mixed Media) at the beginning of the year with the format, and they gradually get more comfortable with it. I did introduce Art I to it during the second semester as well this year. What I did differently with this Mixed Media critique was to have the students fill out a pre-critique sheet (based on the Journal Prompt Sheet) to get their thoughts together before the critique discussion. They then used both the pre-critique sheet and the Pair & Share framework to guide their discussions and comments for their partners. I can forward you the two handouts that I used on Monday as I do not have them with me at this time.