Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Teacher Presentations on Online ST Network

On January 26th, the Chicago Teachers' Center hosted an Online Studio Thinking Network conversation on Adobe Connect. We had three fantastic presentations delivered by Sara Stillman from Emeryville, California, Valerie Xanos from Curie High School in Chicago, and Liz Chisholm from Lane Tech High School in Chicago. These teachers identified questions of importance that they wanted to share with a larger learning community for feedback.

You can take a look at Valerie and Liz's visual presentations in the slideshows below to get a glimpse of the amazing work these teachers are doing. A link to the presentations in their entirety (including audio) can be found at the end of this post.
Check out Valerie's entire PowerPoint slideshow here.

Check out Liz's entire PowerPoint slideshow here.

In their presentations, the teachers were asked to address these points:
1) Start with a question, where do you want to go now with your teaching?
2) What's been difficult?
3) Frame or develop a question that is can be researched.
4) Present 10 slides about what you are doing now. Within the ten slides present the context of your practice.
5) What do you want to do next?

You can watch and listen to Sara, Valerie and Liz's entire conversations at this Adobe Connect link.

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