Thursday, May 23, 2013

Guerrilla Art in Archer Heights

Yesterday, in the group about "Sharing", I talked about how students document how they put their art out into the community. The Guerrilla action of making sure art is available in our everyday walk of life is important to how we run this class. The students make the art, we make color copies, and the copies are distributed out into the community. Some just give it away (as can be seen in pictures of happy people receiving art). But, some students are a bit more creative in leaving art for people to find. One student, Julian, did a performance and documented it with video. I'll let you see what he did for yourself. It is very clever...

Here is the link to the blog page with Julian's work.

Here is the link to our current work. We are putting up a lot of new work this week and next week. So stay tuned and keep checking us out.

Valerie Xanos

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