Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What Does "Spaces for Possibility" invite you to do?

What does “spaces for possibility” invite you to do?

Here are some more responses from the questionnaire we collected at our first meeting on October 9th. Your thoughts are exciting and refreshing... here's to connections and exploration!

  • Change, experiment, explore, performance and video as art
  • More thoughtful choices w/ my curriculum
  • Challenge my teaching practice and continually grow
  • I am ready to take apart my entire curriculum. It’s been changing dramatically in response to my existential question. What do my kids REALLY need to get from art.
  • Break free from my old ways of teaching. To be challenged. To try new stuff (that challenges me)
  • Grow and let go.
  • Break out of the 8”x10” artwork at the table. Get students to think about mark making and intentionality.
  • To share with others and blog experiences, thoughts and ideas. To try new ideas and let go of others.
  • Have time (carve out) to meet w/ educators and not talk about stodgy, foggy, bureaucratic stuff.
  • Plan, develop, organize, collaborate, redefine what I am doing as an art educator. Plan curriculum that actually matters to my students and me.
  • Explore 

  • Engage other art teachers in Chicago in professional development and personal growth.
  • Converse, share and collaborate. Reinvent/reimagine my classroom space. Create new spaces for my students and myself.
  • Rethink my curriculum, as questions, investigate different ways to approach the elementary school “arts standards.” Develop ways to make lessons more connected to my students personal experience… community… concerns.
  • To take ideas/lessons/projects apart and put it together again. What else can be added?
  • Anything, everything. Have students and my self create deeper meaning in their art.
  • I think being extremely “open minded” to the possibility of ART. Don’t be afraid to try something different.
  • Explore in a safe place w/ support.
  • Explore more ideas
  • Collaborate. Communicate. Support. Fail (try) – grow/change.
  • Opening ourselves up to new ways of thinking about our curricula and teaching approaches.
  • Connections. Inter connections. Cross-sections. Play. Experiment. Transform. Build-Expand.

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