Friday, October 12, 2012

Online Exhibition Strike Drawings

Studio Thinking 
Online Exhibit Strike Drawings

What materials did you use?

I used chalk pastels and 6" x 6" paper. Red, white and black. They were very messy.

How did you use these materials?

When creating the drawings, I thought about which colors would best represent (the idea). I layered the pastels to make bold words.

How did it feel?

At first I had to really try and synthesize many experiences of that morning and how I felt into only one image for each suggested drawing. It felt good to process those feelings and see others who felt similarly. 

Which habits did you use?

Envision, Express

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  1. I would love an outline of this strategy too. Just for the sake of coming back to it and use it for students, tweak it as needed. Sometimes it is hard to absorb it while we experience it and also think of it from the teacher's perspective. But perhaps it is already on the website? I'm not so good at sifting through all the wonderful things on there. I get overwhelmed and distracted following certain threads.