Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Materials for STAA Year 1 Collection

Data and Documentation Collection:
On June 25th  or 27th, we will need to collect the following information for each project teacher (content and art). We can collect the below material either in original form or on your flash drive (scans of student worksheets and photos of student work are fine. We don't need originals). 

  • Teacher collection: either a jointly created unit plan (elementary) or two independently developed units plans- one for art teacher, one for content teacher (HS),  Student interviews (optional)
  • Student collection: student reflective journal responses for two separate habits per student for one class,  plus sample student work, i.e. drawings, creative writing, research projects, science observations, photo documents etc. connected to the SHoM reflective writing pieces.
  • Any other Studio Thinking or American art completed tools (filled out by students or teachers) along with a sampling of student artwork connected to that tool (rubrics, ST Bingo, ST dialogue forms, Kitty's purple sheet, etc.)
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