Tuesday, November 1, 2011


These works of art were done by K, 1 & 2 students. I introduced the element of line to show students that most art incorporates line and to take away their fear of drawing. The work started with using a story from their lives to making a composition inspired by another's work of art to creating line drawings. I will use voice recorders to capture student comments, have them talk about their choices and have them discuss finished products to aid me in reflecting and critiquing phases of projects.

Lesson 1: Take a walk with a line- Using only lines draw a walk you took.

Lesson 2: Miro inspired: Using Joan Miro's work of art as an inspiration, how can you make a balanced composition with only lines and color?

Lesson 3: Birds- draw birds using lines and color.


  1. Fantastic. Thanks for sharing your students' work. We love seeing the process of creating in the studio.

    Recording student voice around their art making is great. Using Studio Habits as prompts for your students will help reveal your students' choices and thinking around making art work.

    Consider picking two habits like Develop Craft and Stretch and Explore for the line drawing. For example students could be asked:

    Develop Craft
    1) What drawing skills did you use to create your artwork?

    2) How did you create your lines?

    Stretch and Explore
    1) What did you discover today when you were making art?

    2) How will you use this discovery?

    Let us know what you think.

  2. Thank you for your suggestions--I can use them to move my reflecting about student studio thinking forward and capture their ideas as well as make connections to studio habits.

  3. I look forward to hearing what your students say about their work. The middle drawing is beautiful and captures my attention every time I look at the blog.