Sunday, November 6, 2011

Demonstrating/Describing the Studio Habits to Parents and Families

In about a week I am going to hang up some art work and in-process photos of students' process in honor of report card pick up.  I am thinking about creating labels for each lesson/process that would highlight a specific Studio Habit.  What I mean is that I would make a label/sign for each studio habit and place it with an arrow next to a specific picture.  This might be a good way to introduce families at my school to the language of SHOM. I might also need to write up a description of why this particular project/piece exemplifies a habit of mind.

For instance, this "Silhouette Shape Challenge" would be filed under Stretching and Exploring. On my blog,  I am also trying to label/file lessons and processes under a studio habit.  My students as of yet, have not been introduced to the language of SHOM, except for imagining their ideas.  I am looking forward to Wednesday so that I can try and incorporate the language into the students' everyday experiences and self evaluations.

Also, I am thinking about how within each unit of study that I am facilitating, the students should ideally be experiencing close to every habit of mind as they go through the process of creating their work.  This might be another way to frame curriculum and unit planning- to make sure to touch on all of the habits at least once. 


  1. I like the idea of categorizing my lessons by the studio thinking habits. It will make it easier to keep them in the forefront of my mind when I am teaching AND hopefully create a sense of importance to them for the students/parents.

  2. Last Wednesday at our professional development workshop, Kitty shared a flier she sends home with each student. The flier introduces parents to the 8 Studio Habits of Mind children use in her Art Studio, with brief definitions of each Habit.

    We posted a scan of the flier in our Google Docs under the "K-8: Studio Thinking Tools and Templates" folder.