Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Suggestions for Reading Studio Thinking


In our conversation with Lois Hetland today we asked her how teachers should approach reading her book Studio Thinking: The Real Benefits of a Visual Arts Education. Here is what she recommends:

1. Pay attention to the concepts.

2. Make note of the technical definitions compared to the traditional definitions you might have.

3. Why did the author write this book? What did they want me to get from this writing? What is their intention?

4. Connections to self - what can I do with this?

I hope this helps.

Kate & Matt

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  1. Tonight at the Chicago Teachers Center over 20 Arts teachers got together to begin our collaborative journey with and our Studio Making for arts teachers.
    We met Lois Hetland on a skype recored conversation and gained some valuable insights on how to approach her book and her philosophy for teaching the arts.

    We broke in to small discussion and conversation groups and explored some engaging questions.
    Why do I teach Art?
    What is is my teaching philosophy?
    What do I teach my students?
    Do I make my own Art?
    Who is my favorite artist?
    Who are my inspirations?
    Describe my Art studio and Art classroom?
    Describe your current art space?