Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I'm really excited to be working with Lois. I appreciate her openness to learning and sharing her work. I wonder how this complex aspect of the language will translate to my students.


  1. I agree Kitty. I am looking for ideas on how to scaffold down these concepts for my younger students and how to ensure that my middle school students are incorporating them in sophisticated ways.

  2. Kitty and Julie, these are excellent questions and concerns. We expect Lois will address these issues on Thursday, but also want to work towards developing our own tools and templates. A great resource for us will be looking at several tools that were developed during our past project in Berwyn, where we worked with K-8 art and content teachers implementing components of the Studio Thinking Framework. We will also have the chance to learn from other K-8 teachers across the country. Look for future posts showing samples of these Berwyn tools.