Monday, June 4, 2018

Composing, de-composing, re-composing a life

On May 12th Megan Pahmier, an artist and teacher from Brooklyn, NY visited us at the storefront. She invited us to think about the space through the following prompts:

• Activate existing phenomena (wind, gravity, light . . .)
• Connect 2 things to one another
• Create a line (a path, a fence, a column . . .)
• Mark a site (a landmark, a memorial, a space for  . . . )
• Change the viewer/participant's perspective
• Play with scale (the size of the things in relation to one another)
• Make something visible that was previously invisible

We spent the day making at the storefront.

Watching a video of Merle Ukele 
talking about her "Maintenance art"

Liz drawing

Bridget talking with Gloria

Agnes Martin drawing

Mountains from the outside

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