Thursday, March 12, 2015

Blog Time with You

Hi all!

I've missed blogging with all of you. I'm overwhelmed with too many projects (disadvantage of being an over-achiever). I also took on an overtime position, WHICH I WILL NEVER DO AGAIN!

Most of my work has been put up on class blogs and a class Facebook page. So I'll share those links with you here. Check them out. Not a lot of teacher reflection. It's the one thing I haven't had time to blog about. Trying to keep up with posting the projects. Gotta remedy that.

Guerrilla Art class period 1
Recently posted about their They will soon be posting about their new project "Stereotypes vs. True Self"

Guerrilla Art Class period 4
They just finished a massive project done with the MCA Teacher Partner Initiative. We worked with artist-in-residence Lee Blalock to create an original film. We are still blogging about it, so you can see the whole process. The film was screened at the MCA theater. Been tweeted about and soon to be up on the MCA Blog and Facebook pages.

Art 1 and MYP/IB classes
I've been experimenting with a new curriculum that focuses on experimentation, exploration, artistic process, and our theme of DISCOMFORT. Some of the IB class posts are more studio art related.
Also on this blog will be the research I've compiled from the art teacher delegate trip to Finland, so stay tuned.

Check out our new Facebook community page: Ms. Xanos' Art Classes. It's one simple place to go to where various pictures and news will be posted. All the blogs will be linked on that page too.

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