Monday, February 16, 2015

Beth's questioning process

Below are some questions I thought of, I also did an activity this week. Thursday, I spoke to my students briefly about modern and conceptual art.  We talked about what the word modern might mean. We also brainstormed about what artists today might make art about, social issues, etc.  I also talked to them about Spaces for Possibility, how I am still a "learner", and the ultimate goal I had of pushing them to make more art from their own personal experiences, etc. I wanted to give them a framework of understanding of why we were doing these activities, etc.  I wanted to also let them know we would be "exploring and generating" different concepts /ideas, and there wasn't a definitive "ending project" to the project yet. They were intrigued!

Next, I had my grade 5 students write down a sound or 2 that makes them feel uncomfortable, then 2 sounds they associate with comfort. Initially they were not comfortable about having to divulge this private information, but I tried to frame the activity in a "safe" way, allowing them to submit their responses anonymously.  I encouraged them to be creative, and gave them a few extra unique/weird/visceral examples from my own personal experience. Next students randomly pulled their peer's responses out of a bowl, and took turns reading them aloud to class.  I thought this would be a lighter way to gather candid information, and encourage a dialogue, while allowing all students to participate without feeling too intimidated. The idea of anonymity really appealed to them and there was complete participation and engagement!  Every child was sitting on the edge of their seat, listening to responses, (probably listening for their own as well, and curious about WHO would read their's, and how it would be received). With the unique social dynamics of being a fifth grader, this was something they seemed fascinated with:) So The students were accepting of each other's ideas and overall it was a positive, dynamic, initial experience. I video taped part of it.

What is a sound that makes you uncomfortable?  What is one that makes you comfortable?

Do you fear anything that most people would think is irrational?

When was the last time you felt embarrassed?  What happened?

Name something you think is disgusting or gross. 

Who is the person you feel most comfortable around and why? 

Name a moment when you felt ashamed.

Name a part of yourself or something about yourself you are uncomfortable with.

When was the last time you cried?

Have you ever done something you weren't comfortable with because you felt like you had to? Why?

What color would you associate with comfort?  What about discomfort?

Ideas where comfort becomes uncomfortable-
Can you think of a time, like a party, a vacation or holiday, that was "supposed" to be a fun/joyous/comfortable event, that may have turned out to be an uncomfortable experience?

ideas of discomfort "transforming" to comfort...
When you are feeling upset, what makes you feel better?

Is there a part of yourself, or life that you used to feel uncomfortable with that you now embrace?

I thought of a few other ideas as well, but thought I would sit on them for a bit. Either way, I am going to connect last week's activities to this week's, in some way, just not sure how yet! Let me know if you have thoughts!

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