Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Installations by Osorio

As I was watching this Art 21 piece on Pepón Osorio, I was struck by some of his comments regarding installations and how they may be relevant to our Studio Thinking project as we prepare for our own exhibition of the artist teacher.

Pepón says, "I feel like I needed to say something that had to be beyond something on the wall. I need to create a space that is overpowering." Our work within the Studio Thinking project and how we consider promoting the artist teacher as connoisseur is definitely going to have to tell a story beyond what we display on the walls in our exhibition.

He is also very interested in provoking change, which is something that came up in our summer workshops and inspired the idea for an exhibition.  According to Pepón, he wants his installations to cause people to ask "who they are in relatinship to what they have just seen and to start a negotiation with not only the artwork, but with the public at large." 

Take a look at this clip and see if you find any connections with your ideas for an exhibition.

Watch Place on PBS. See more from ART:21.

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