Tuesday, June 11, 2013

EXHIBITION: June 3rd Online Studio Thinking Network Conversation

We hosted a rich session on Adobe Connect last Monday night featuring an introduction to the new Exhibition content in Studio Thinking 2 by Lois Hetland, followed by presentations from Alisa Rodny and John Crowe.

You can watch a live recording of the conversation at this link.
Thanks to all of our presenters and to those that join the conversation! We hope you will join our next session(s).

Stay tuned for upcoming dates and topics.


  1. I watched the Studio Thinking 2 archived video where Lois Hetland was talking about structuring exhibitions and the organization it involves. I believe exhibitions are so important for the promotion of art as well as for the display of student work. In addition, exhibitions promote connection and collaboration. The exhibit above is also an entire work of art in itself! Good job!
    I agree with Lois that this exhibit helps students understand the connection their art has... that it goes out to others and others are meant to engage with the art. This hit home for the first time with me when I was illustrating a little book called My Name is EzelL and the book was not about my artwork, but about putting this out for the mothers of Haiti and for awareness to all.
    I enjoyed this online webinar and very interested in your Studio Thinking and American Art Project. I will check into this blog regularly. Thank you and continue on with the great work! Thank you also for the archived session link. Gayle Nelson

    1. Hi Gayle. There are other archived sessions of our online Studio Thinking Network that you can find in earlier blog posts. You can try searching the label "Online ST Network" within our blog or search through the older posts. Also, we will be starting our next round of Adobe Connect online conversations with Lois and other educators from around the country/world this fall. If you are interested in joining these conversations, you can email us at everyarteverychild@gmail.com and we will add you to the list. We are so glad others are visiting our blog and finding it helpful! Take care!