Friday, November 2, 2012

Understanding the Art World SHoM and Appropriated Art Guerrilla Style

Speaking of Appropriated Art today.... the Guerrilla class we are doing is working on using appropriated images. Here is how I am trying to get students to write about and discuss SHoM in regards to this topic. We are using Understanding the Art World after having watched the documentary "Exit Through the Gift Shop".  Let me know what you think...

Appropriated Altered Art

Based off the movie we watched, “Exit Through The Gift Shop” I want you to think about how street artists deal with the issue of appropriating and altering other people’s artwork. Compare the movie with the images in the powerpoint of the History of Appropriation.

1.     1st half of class: As a group, Choose 1 prompt, BUT work independently & quietly write your thoughts about the prompt in your sketchbook.
2.     2nd half of class: Your group should  discuss responses together.
a.     Share what each of you thinks with each other.
b.     Use our typical process to DEBATE the issue.
                                               i.     Questioner
                                              ii.     Challenger
                                            iii.     Supporter
                                            iv.     Recorder of Group Discussion.

PROMPTS: Choose 1
  • ·      Mr. Brainwash is not a trained artist. Does that affect your view on whether or not he is a “real” artist. Can an untrained person be a real artist? Are you defined as an artist by your schooling? What about folk artists? EXPLAIN
  • ·      Mr. Brainwash does not actually make his own work, he hires others to construct it. How might this be different (or not) from established artists who also hire assistants to help make work? (give ex of famous artist who does this) EXPLAIN
  • ·      Mr. Brainwash does not create his own designs or ideas. He used other people’s images. How much altering does he really do? Do you consider this appropriation or stealing? Is it different from Shepard Fairey (who is critical of Mr. Brainwash) or other appropriated artists we studied? (ex of Mr. Brainwash images) EXPLAIN
  • ·      Mr. Brainwash is considered successful because he sells his work for a lot of money. Would you define an artist by how marketable he/she is? How would you compare that to the master painter Vincent VanGogh, who did not sell paintings during his life? EXPLAIN

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